1958 Jaguar Mark 8 for sale
The 1958 Jaguar Mark VIII  took over from the Mk VIIM in
1956 and introduced yet more styling changes to this
graceful model line. The Mk VIII could be distinguished by its
new front grille, curved windscreen, cut-away rear wheel
spats and larger bumpers. A popular option for the Mk VIII
was two-tone paint-work, which was often combined with
whitewall tires

This as well as many Mk VIII Jaguars came equipped with
optional automatic transmission which incorporated a novel
"speed hold" device for overtaking and fast hill climbing. The
engine of the Mk VIII came with a version of the racing C-type
cylinder head, this helped push the cars top speed way past
Left side of
Right side of
dash and
Behind front
From the niece of the original owner:

In 1957 my father who worked at James Motors(later
Jamestown Motors of Long Beach), sold my Uncle Harry this
1957 Mk 8 Jaguar. With a retail price of $5750 we got a deal,
and paid $4875.00 as the receipt shows. Please take in to
account that a typical 1950s Long Beach California GI Home
with Living Room, Wood burning fireplace , Shower and
Bathroom, 2 bedrooms cost at that time cost about $8,825. My
Uncle was an Engineer/Machinist who at one time had worked
for Howard Hughes before starting his own manufacturing
company.  This car was his pride and joy that he never let go.
He maintained, and kept it garaged for as long as he owned it.  
As I am not able to restore it to its former glory, I am
reluctantly willing to sell it to someone who can appreciate its
The car is a one owner car and even has the original receipt
from the dealer for the purchase of the car. You seen the
pictures so you have an idea of the condition of the car.
Note you can click on the picture and see a larger version of
some of the pictures if available. There are 93 pictures of
the car in the slide show. It was park years ago in the
eighties while running. It was re started a couple times
afterwards but then when the battery died the battery was
removed. The roof of the original garage where the car was
parked developed a leak at one time. Water when it rained
(Lakewood, California so not often) dropped above the
passenger door on the driver’s side. Although not easy to
see in the pictures is a water stain from the rain dropped ( I
do not know if will buff out) and water did enter the car
destroying the carpet. The carpet was pulled up and as you
can see there is surface rust on the floorboard.

Moved 5+ years ago to a new location, At this time we put a
battery in it to see if the motor would turn over and start. It
turned over but did not have spark. After pulling the
distributor cap we saw it had points. We came to the
conclusion that we would not be able to find points for a
1958 Jag at pep boys and just pushed the car into the garage.
Car was registered until ~4 years ago; it is on non-op status
now. The original title (pink slip?) is still here. We went to
AAA to get all paperwork required so transfer of ownership
once a price is agreed can be immediate.

I do have a couple standing offers so there will be no trades
considered unless you are a HR person of a company with
200 or more and willing to sign (1 year agreement) a broker
of record for your company’s health insurance. If this is you
then we can consider a straight or partial trade for your
More pictures can be seen at
go to link below and use

Password: 58jag

In addition to the car there are many original item that will
go with the car.

1. Original Pink-1957

2. Original Registration-1957

3. Original Window Sticker

4. Original Guarantee from Coventry, England

5. Original Dealers & Service Center Pamphlet

6. Original Sales Receipt

7. Original Dealers Report of Sale and Application for

8. Original Brochure for 1959 Models

9. Original Factory Service Manuals

10. Original Radio Literature

11. Original Service Voucher

12. Original Owners Manual

13. Original License Plates orange/black ones that came
originally on the car.

14.Original Steering Wheel Plaque from Showroom

15. Set of Orange Tail Lights (Red are on car I can only
assume the cars came from the factory with the orange

16. Possibly Factory Parts Catalog

17. Misc. Stuff

18. Additional parts collected that will go with the car

Car will hopefully sell to the highest bidder this Saturday
Jan 5 2008 at 2pm. I suspect the car will sell for 5-6k. Email
me for deatails where if you are interested at
Click on any of the pictures for higher
resolution pictures